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Groupe Française de Gastronomie

Groupe Française de Gastronomie - a few noteworthy facts :

  • Française de Gastronomie International is the export division of all food processing companies in the Floridienne Group (listed on Euronext)
  • We are the world major producer for prepared snails.
  • We have 8 production sites in France and in Belgium.
  • We are present in more than thirty countries.
  • We work closely with our local partners.
  • The Française de Gastronomie staff is a skilled, multilingual team, experienced in international trade.

Eating habits change, flavours remain

Welcome to Française de Gastronomie

More and more consumers wish to indulge themselves with the authentic flavour of French cuisine within a few minutes.

Today, less time is certainly spent in preparing meals and people tend to eat more snacks. At the same time, however, people attach greater importance to the pleasure of dining and products prepared in a traditional way become increasingly popular. Française de Gastronomie caters to this market trend by continually innovating its supply of rigorously selected products. The very nature of our production makes life simpler for the consumer : we serve authentic dishes for special occasions.

Quality is our motivation, rigorous control is our policy

Française de Gastronomie will not compromise on the quality of its products. We apply a plan and very strict standards for the entire chain of production. Following the HACCP plan, more than 20,000 analyses are carried out in laboratories every year to continually control the quality of our products.

Most of our sites are BRC, IFS or ISO certified. And what’s more, one of our site even offers a Label Rouge production line, combining total quality control with the skills developed through long experience.

More and more consumers wish to indulge themselves with the authentic flavour of French cuisine within a few minutes.

The most state-of-the-art technology is used to preserve and freeze our products, in order to keep the flavour and nutritional value intact all the way to the table.

Supplier of gourmet suppliers

Given changing market trends and our clients’ specific needs, our R&D departments continually strive to improve and develop our recipes and preparations in step with demand from local markets.

Creative and proactive, the solutions we seek are delicious, practical and easy to prepare. We round off our approach with many packaging schemes well suited to the requirements of various networks.

Creative cooking can be wholesome

Recent studies have shown that escargots play a major dietary role in the island of Crete. Escargots are rich in proteins and minerals that are indispensable to the organism.